When asked what leaders need to more effectively lead change, the number one answer they gave us is more opportunities to connect with one another.

The events below are opportunities to do just that. Build and strengthen your connections with leaders across various networks in our region. Be inspired to think bigger and think differently about what's possible in your community. Equip yourself with new skills, tools and knowledge to more effecitvely lead change.

Upcoming Events

St Paul, MN

For the past five years, a renowned placemaking expert has been invited to the Twin Cities to engage community members in thinking about how we can collaboratively grow and evolve our cities. 

Rural Arts and Culture Summit

June 06, 2017 to June 08, 2017

Morris, MN

The 2017 Rural Arts and Culture Summit will gather rural artists, arts organizations and community and economic development leaders from the upper Midwest and beyond. The goal of the RAC Summit is to build capacity for long-term partnerships between artists and rural communities by facilitating cross-sector conversations and professional development workshops for up to 400 artists, board members/staff/volunteers of rural arts organizations, and rural development stakeholders.